Sponsors and promoters of this project

The Basque Government and the Government of Navarre, the governments of the three Historical Territories of Alava, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa, the City Councils of the three Basque capitals and of Arrasate-Mondragon, Euskadiko Orkestra (the Basque National Orchestra), the IBA (Iubilo Bilbao Abesbatza) choral society, and of course MONDRAGON Corporation, are the main sponsors of Humanity at Music. This project is open to the participation of the entire country, and hopes to expand its list of sponsors and partners over the next few months.

The book, a treasure to save and to give

As Maite Mutuberria, the project’s illustrator, says, the book is like a treasure, to be read unhurriedly, to be kept forever. It brings together the past, present and future of the Basque cooperative movement, but above all, it’s an inspiring work of art. A book that belongs in the home of anyone who has experienced the cooperative movement from the inside.