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Humanity at Music

First Choral Rehearsals


Arrasate and the village of Apotzaga in Eskoriatza were the places chosen for the first choral rehearsals for Humanity at Music. Choristers mainly from IBA (Iubilo Bilbao Abesbatza) and Goikobalu joined cooperative members for the rehearsals.

Jon Sarasua, composer of the lyrics, and Fernando Velázquez, composer of the music, took part in the first rehearsals in Arrasate and Apotzaga (Eskoriatza) on 14 November. It was a friendly and social occasion, with lunch included, where attendees were able to meet the composers of the work and sing the first melodies. All manner of cooperative members attended the rehearsals, along with boys and girls with ties to Arizmendi Ikastola and Goikobalu Abesbatza, both in Arrasate and at the gastronomic club in Apotzaga.

An Open Project is the address that all interested parties can apply to. So far, about 20 cooperative members from various entities have signed up. The goal is to fill out an enormous chorus of 300 voices.


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