Listen to the music here

The MONDRAGON soundtrack is made up of eight pieces. Each of them calls to mind a moment in the past, present or future of the Group. All the pieces are composed by Fernando Velázquez, with lyrics by Jon Sarasua. Here you can enjoy both the music itself and the lyrics.

Obertura - Irteera

Ezagutza - Nacidos para aprender

Industria - Propiedad, Unión, Red

Finantzak - Otra forma

Banaketa - Uno por uno

Omenaldia - Recordamur vos

Nazioarteratzea - Let´s suppose!

Etorkizuna - Dos pies

The book, a treasure to save and to give

As Maite Mutuberria, the project’s illustrator, says, the book is like a treasure, to be read unhurriedly, to be kept forever. It brings together the past, present and future of the Basque cooperative movement, but above all, it’s an inspiring work of art. A book that belongs in the home of anyone who has experienced the cooperative movement from the inside.