The Book

A treasure to keep

Six women from arts and humanities, eight renowned bertsolaris (Basque a cappella singing poets) — Andoni Egaña, Onintza Enbeita, Julio Soto, Jone Uria, Amets Arzallus, Oihana Iguaran, Xabier Igoa and Maialen Arzallus — plus lyricist, writer and bertsolari Jon Sarasua all come together as the main protagonists of the book Humanity at Music.

A new story about MONDRAGON told with the involvement of writers Leire Bilbao, Katixa Agirre, Irati Jimenez, Gloria Totorikaguena and Pili Kalzada, and illustrator Maite Mutuberria.

The book launch will take place at the Durango Azoka book fair in December 2018 and can be purchased at EROSKI and ELKAR for €25. A work that one of its contributors, Navarrese illustrator Maite Mutuberria, describes as being “like a jewel.”

The book will be very visual, as it is beautifully illustrated. It will be available in three languages: Basque, Spanish and English.


The book, a treasure to save and to give

As Maite Mutuberria, the project’s illustrator, says, the book is like a treasure, to be read unhurriedly, to be kept forever. It brings together the past, present and future of the Basque cooperative movement, but above all, it’s an inspiring work of art. A book that belongs in the home of anyone who has experienced the cooperative movement from the inside.