Looking Forward to Durango

The first milestone for the interdisciplinary Humanity at Music project will be at the Durango Azoka book fair which will run from 5 to 9 December. The book will debut at the 53rd edition of the book fair, and will be for sale at the ELKAR stand.

humanity-at-music-durandoThis will be the kickoff, the laying of the cornerstone of a project that will pick up speed quickly so that in 2019, on the 14th of September, Buesa Arena will resonate with the melodies of the live performance. The Durango Azoka will give us an idea of the enthusiasm of the public for Humanity at Music, with the book launch and the opening of sales, in the good company of most of the authors of the texts and illustrations, accompanying us there at the fair.

It should also be pointed out that any cooperatives or other institutions who wish to purchase copies of the book can write to hatmusic@mondragoncorporation.com. Many cooperatives in the Group and many town governments have already placed their orders.