Humanity at Music, a project open to the world

Since its premiere, Humanity at Music, the Cooperative Symphony created by MONDRAGON in 2019, has not stopped playing in practically the entire world and in many languages.

Jon Sarasua wrote the lyrics, with his fine poetry and in his native language, Basque. One of the oldest languages in Europe. Composer Fernando Velázquez wrote the music, and the Euskadi Symphony Orchestra performed the Symphony at its premiere. Today, after four years of existence, it can be said that the Cooperative Symphony has reached a global level.

It is clear that music overcomes linguistic barriers and unites people. A transcultural power that resonates in the definition of cooperative identity and that is capable of bringing together cooperative members from more than 100 countries around the world.

In November 2022, during the World Congress of Cooperatives held in Seoul, focused on deepening the cooperative identity, the Higher Council of Cooperatives of Euskadi offered CICOPA the rights to the song “Bi Hanka”. Anthem of Basque cooperativism and one of the pieces of the symphony created by Sarasua and Velázquez.

Since then, CICOPA members can freely benefit from this music to promote, unite and worship the labor and social cooperative movement on the same notes around the world.

During all this time, versions have also been made in French, English, Spanish and of course, the Basque version has been interpreted all over the planet.

Some examples.

French version

Hymne coopératif Bi Hanka | Making of – YouTube
Hymne coopératif Bi Hanka – Version chantée – YouTube
Symphonie coopérative | RDV 2021 coopération + mutualité | Québec

Spanish version

Lyrics by Luis Garcia Montero
Himno de las Cooperativas en castellano, con letra de Luis García Montero – YouTube
Luis García Montero y el Himno Internacional del Cooperativismo – YouTube
Lectura del Himno Internacional del Cooperativismo, por Luis García Montero – YouTube

Hanka bat lurrean, beste bat airean! – CICOPA

Humanity at Music (Mondragon Coop.) | Basque National Orchestra. Euskadiko Orchestra (

Humanity at Music – GRUPO MONDRAGON – Mundukide