Donostia-San Sebastian, european capital of the Social economy

Throughout the year, a multitude of events related to the social economy have been held in Donostia-San Sebastián, within the European capital.

“People at the center of the economy” is the motto chosen for the Capital of the Social Economy that the capital of Gipuzkoa will hold throughout 2023, and whose launch took place on February 24.

Different events have been taking place throughout the year and one of the main events in the capital will be the High Level Summit on Social Economy to be held on November 13 and 14, where the participation of more than 600 people from all over the world is expected.

The ‘European Conference on Social Economy: People, Planet, Action’, organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy within the framework of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, will bring together Governments, European Institutions, regional governments, Member States, the OECD, the ILO, and business leaders of the Social Economy from all corners of the planet. During the event, the second edition of the Social Academy Awards will also take place, awards promoted by the European Employers’ Association of the Social Economy (SEE) to recognize innovative business experiences at a technological, social and environmental level.

The event will serve, in turn, for the Basque cooperativism to show its muscle and its differential values, and among others, on November 13, the award ceremony for the DENON ARTEAN Basque cooperativism award will be held, which is awarded every two years recognizing the work of people and institutions in favor of the cooperative business model.

This award has been awarded twice, and in its first edition it distinguished the figure of José Maria Arizmendiarrieta (“in memoriam”), promoter of MONDRAGON’s cooperative experience. In 2021, the ICA (International Cooperative Alliance) was the entity that received the distinction in the hands of its president Ariel Guarco, thus celebrating 125 years of history of this institution. In this third edition, the recognition of Basque cooperativism will go to the European Commission. The ceremony will take place at the Kursaal and will be attended by curator Nicolas Schmit to collect the award. Likewise, the Cooperative Symphony created by MONDRAGON in 2019 will be part of this ceremony that will feature the direction of Fernando Velázquez, the collaboration of the Euskadi Symphony Orchestra, and the Goikobalu Arrasateko Abesbatza, Iubilo Bilbao Abesbatza and Txorbela Otxotea choirs.